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Our Program

We at Suzuki Guitar of Ottawa employ the Suzuki teaching philosophy, which includes immersion, encouragement, small steps, and a timetable for learning material personalized to each student's capacity to imitate examples, internalize principles, and contribute novel ideas.

We deliver a holistic approach to learning, including all of the following:

Group 2
Concert 5
Group 1
Solo 1
Concert 2
Concert 1

Online Lessons

Online lessons are offered as an additional option for the weekly private lessons. This is especially useful when in-person lessons are difficult to plan (for example: due to weather or transportation issues).

Guitar Repertoire

The guitar repertoire covers a wide variety of music styles and genres to widen the student’s musical experience. Teachers may supplement the Suzuki repertoire as needed.

Parent Education

Parents play a crucial role in the Suzuki music approach. Learning takes place in an environment of cooperation between the teacher, the parent, and the child. The parents’ role includes attending each lesson with the student, taking notes, and guiding them during their practice at home — essentially becoming the “home teacher”.  Parents practice daily with the student at home and help to create an environment of affection, support, encouragement, and understanding. 

Your private teacher will walk you step by step through this new role and provide you with tools and resources to make the process enjoyable. As well, the SuzukiMusic School of Ottawa offers educational sessions to guide parents on how to work with their children. No previous knowledge of music or guitar is necessary.


Concerts provide an opportunity for all SuzukiMusic students in Ottawa to get together and showcase the music they have been working on during their lessons. It is a valuable experience for the students to feel part of a community of musicians who play different instruments and form relationships with other students. Frequent public performances can foster self-esteem and make the experience of performing both natural and enjoyable. Of course, concerts also allow family and friends to see and appreciate the musical achievements of the students.

Private & Group Lessons

The Suzuki guitar repertoire is a carefully chosen set of pieces that represent a logical progression of technical development, as well as a collection of beautiful music. From the very beginning, the focus is on playing and having fun with the instrument. A Suzuki certified teacher will gradually walk your child through the Suzuki repertoire, aiming to develop the skills needed to experience the joy of making music — starting from the very first lesson. 


Our program includes 36 private lessons and 14 group lessons during the year. Private lessons are held at the teacher’s studio. The duration of each lesson varies from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the age and level of the student. The group lessons give students valuable ensemble experiences and positively reinforce concepts learned in their individual lessons.

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